About Us

Bramwell Brown was born out of a fondness for old clock mechanisms and the extra interaction you get from traditional instruments compared with their modern digital equivalents. 

Our products combine this nostalgia with highly innovative engineering and product design to produce something totally unique and complementary to the modern home.

Why clocks and barometers?

We are a brother and sister team, lucky enough to get on really well together, currently London-based but proud of our Lancashire roots.

Everybody has their own particular childhood memories, and one of ours is of our Dad who would habitually wind the grandfather clock on a Sunday evening, or tap on the barometer in the hall to check for a weather forecast. As a result we have affection for old clock mechanics and the extra interaction you can get with analogue time-pieces. Who doesn’t find spinning cogs and whizzing parts intriguing?!

How it all began

After a failed search to find a barometer that held any appeal for use in our own homes, we had the idea to reinvent one that would be more contemporary but yet still analogue, and simply a bit more exciting! Soon after we found ourselves at the kitchen table surrounded by card, split pins and sellotape, building what was a very basic and flimsy initial prototype. Far more technical prototypes ensued once we had some expert (and long suffering!) engineering help, and the designs gradually evolved into the ‘mechanimated clocks’ launched in 2015.

And tide clocks?

Mum grew up on the West coast of Ireland and so we’ve enjoyed regular family holidays on the beach near the cherished harbour town of Roundstone, Co Galway. We love being by the sea and still enjoy building the occasional sand castle to be engulfed by the incoming tide.

Gurteen Beach, Co. Galway

Well aware that the world's seas and coastlines are under threat from a range of issues such as over-fishing and pollution, we are keen to ensure that the sale of Bramwell Brown Tide Clocks will go some way to help ensure their protection. For every Tide Clock sold, Bramwell Brown will donate £2.50 to the Marine Conservation Society to help with the fantastic work that they do. Their website provides more information about their work and is also full of extremely useful information on topics such as Sustainable Fisheries, Marine Wildlife Sightings (including Jellyfish!) as well as the excellent Good Beach Guide.

Alongside donations to the Marine Conservation Society, we are also making contributions to suitable community projects via the crowdfunding platform, Spacehive, whenever we sell a Weather Clock. From refurbishments of village halls to building children’s play areas, Spacehive helps communities raise funds to put their ideas into action. By registering your clock for an extra year’s warranty you can also find out what project the sale of your clock helped support!