Tide Clocks

Bramwell Brown's Tide Clock is a progression of the traditional tide clock, combining the visual intrigue of mechanically moving art with functionality to make it a really useful reference.

With semi-diurnal timers at their core, once set to local tide timings, the clocks display accurate half-hourly updates on the current tidal direction and time until next high and low tides. In addition to these dials, the tide’s current state is visually depicted in a mechanically animated harbour. Boats and waves rise and fall throughout the day, bringing the artwork in the display window to life. An interactive push button allows you to demonstrate a full tide cycle whenever you like!

Designed to be a useful instrument that makes you smile whenever you look at it, the clock will become a talking point wherever it is proudly displayed in your home. 

An excellent and unusual gift for both sailors and those who love being by the sea!