Our Wall Clocks are fun, imaginative and contemporary reinventions of 'Retro' time-pieces that are designed and lovingly hand-assembled at our workshop in Great Britain.
Their mechanical moving artwork make them very special gifts or fantastic additions to any room.

Welcome to Bramwell Brown Clocks!

Over the past two years Bramwell Brown has designed and launched a range of contemporary mechanical wall clocks that are inspired by a love of the weather, the sea and curious mechanical objects.

Mechanical parts for a Wall Clock

Coining the phrase 'Mechanimated' to describe how our clocks are 'Mechanically Animated' in style, we continue to hand-assemble each and every clock at our Hampshire-based workshop in Great Britain.

Since launching in 2015, we have been bowled over by the heart-warming responses to our clocks from customers all over the world.

We take great pride in dispatching our Weather Clocks and Tide Clocks to customers who are looking for very special wedding, anniversary or housewarming gifts. We can also personalise our clocks to make them stand out even more.

For the latest updates on what we're doing behind the scenes, as well as special competitions and discounts, do check out our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter feeds as well as our latest blog posts.

Warm Regards,
Brother & Sister Co-Founders of Bramwell Brown Clocks